EX-701 Performance Knee Support

The EX-701 is a unique design knee support which uses 4 independent straps to create a non-slip enhanced comfort support which literally wraps your knee from every angle with flexible metal stabilizers on the medial and lateral sides of the support making it perfect for a range of knee issues. The two smaller straps have the benefit of pushing down on the patella tendon thereby aiding Jumper's knee and patella inflammation. See features and benefits below:

  • Non-Slip Fit by using 4 independent adjustable velcro straps
  • Helps Lateral Stability by using flexible metal coils on the inside and outside of the support
  • Enhanced Movement With a 1cm gap behind the knee allowing unrestricted knee bending
  • Skin Friendly All Day Comfort Because we have used rash reducing lycra lining 
  • Helps Patella Tendon Pain Because two small straps isolate and push down the patella tendon 
  • Thin & non-cumbersome - At only 175g and with a low profile you can wear easily under clothes
  • Suitable For All Knee Conditions Perfect for use in sports, arthritis, injury recovery , post surgery and ligament sprains/ weak knees


The EX-701 has an upper limit thigh size of 20" measured 3" above the knee and a maximum calf size of 18".  The limiting factors of fitting will be the size of your upper and lower legs please measure correctly to ensure correct and comfortable fitting